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Roz Campbell

Tofu Kitty!! Because my cat drinks a lot and urinates a lot, none of the grocery store brands could keep up. The crystals worked ok, but were expensive & the entire box had to be changed weekly. In comes Tofu Kitty – works great! I end up throwing the waste away (vs flushing) since there is so much volume. It has a pleasant smell which does not dissipate after use. I am a huge fan! Roz (and General, my kitty)           

Holly C

I love this! I’ve been trying to figure out ways of being environmentally friendly, and this is fantastic! I definitely had my doubts at first, but this does everything a clumping litter is supposed to do, doesn’t track, doesn’t smell, isn’t messy, doesn’t need to be thrown away and is flushable down the toilet, and super light! I’m going to recommend this to all my cat loving friends  

Jihyun Yun

TofuKitty litter is a lifesaver! In NYC where the space is limited, other regular clumping litter made my apartment a completely stinky mess. Tofukitty litter smells fresh, and you can simply flush it in the toilet, which is also a huge lifesaver. Thanks, Tofukitty!

Nicole Tambini

This litter is awesome. It solves all my litter problems! No dust, very little tracking, and it smells great even after a few weeks. It clumps strongly, and totally dissolves when submerged in water. It saves me from having to waste plastic bags, too. I just flush it. I’m so glad I gave it a try!


This product delivers as promised! The litter clumps well, dissolves when submerged, flushes safely, smells good, and best of all - No dust! It’s wonderful. I should not be this excited about cat litter, but I totally am.

Karsten Johnson

This litter is AMAZING! I have been looking for a dust free, environmentally friendly litter for a long time and have finally found one! There is no odor, no tracking AND it’s flushable. My cats love it and so do I!